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Tony | Member Review

A couple of years ago I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle, lose weight and most importantly get fit and healthy. Joining Woldsway to health gym was a significant step in the process as from day one they showed that they cared about their members goals. The first thing that they did was to find out why I wanted to lose weight and get fit and then carefully tailored a plan that would move me towards my goals. The trainers were there every step of the way and made attending the gym a very pleasant and positive experience and they all gave me encouragement which helped to keep my motivation up. This bespoke approach had two clear benefits, firstly as my gym sessions were personal trainer led the results happened much quicker (and surprised me as to how effective personal trainer sessions are) and secondly, kept me focused and engaged by constant adjustments and variations to my training plan. Hard work is hard work, however with the full support of the Woldsway team it really was much easier than I expected. Two years later I have lost just over ten stone in weight and transformed my fitness and lifestyle which I would now describe as fully active as I am enjoying many activities such as cycling, swimming and other sports activities. I feel great, look better and have gained a real sense of achievement and have no hesitation in recommending Woldway to anyone that is looking to achieve some or all of the gaols that I have. Thanks James and the team and keep up all of your good work!


Vicky | Member Review

I have been a member of this gym for many years and renew without hesitation. It's a lovely place to train with great trainers and members. The variety of classes is great, plus you can book a one to one training session if that's more your thing. I love it here.

Pam | Member Review

I joined the Woldsway Gym two years ago. I needed to lose weight. I booked in for a chat and was told about group sessions and one to one training. I thought "this won't apply to me, I'll just battle on by myself". At first I struggled with machines and totally freaked at the treadmill but I survived and loved it. Soon I was doing everything. I have met new people, learned with respect about many different goals people are working towards. All are friendly and very supportive. No-one has laughed or is bothered how you look. After six months dieting on my own and training at the gym, I had lost four stone, but I was curious about the nutrition advice Sarah and Helen were offering. I was horrified when they said I needed to eat more. I decided to give it a month. Eating more wouldn't work! I was wrong! The weight continued to drop off. Joining the gym has been a truly positive experience for me. Everyday living is so much easier. I have more energy, reached a level of fitness I thought only could apply to other people and lost over ten stone. I learned to accept help and advice from the staff and trust their judgement. All are friendly, motivational and professional. Wolds Way is a unique hidden gem for Driffield.


Lesley | Member Review

I joined Woldsway to Health 18 months ago to get fit, eat healthier and lose weight. I can truthfully say that I have now achieved all three. When I first came, James said this was ‘a club more than a gym’ and I totally agree. Joining a new gym can be quite daunting seeing everybody fitter and leaner than you, but from the very start all the staff instantly made me feel at home and their friendliness and commitment to helping me get fit, eating healthier and losing weight is second to none. My eating habits have changed following advice from Helen who recommended the Low-GL Diet Bible by Patrick Holford. This little gem is now looking slightly battered and dog eared but used every single day. I really enjoy the one-to-one personal training sessions where all the staff are very supportive and there to motivate you and make the session fun at the same time. The gym is unique in that their selling point is that they actually care about helping you achieve your goals.

Ian | Member Review

As a member of Woldsway to Health for the last four years I can highly recommend joining the gym. My fitness levels have significantly increased since joining bootcamp in June last year. The classes are fun and hard work. The team push me to achieve my goals. This year I am going to run the mucky duck (8.5 miles), for the first time with the help and support of the staff and other members. I have made lots of friends at the gym and really feel a part of the gym community.

Di | Member Review

I first decided to join Woldsway to Health in August 2012 after struggling to climb four flights of stairs at work with all the heavy gear. I thought I would join just to get a little fitter. I have now lost 3.5 stone and gone for a size 20 to a size 14, with the combination of the gym and the healthy diet. Woldsway gym is a really friendly, clean gym with very friendly staff, who are very encouraging. When you join, the option is there to have one-to-one sessions, which are excellent for spurring you on all the time, also the option is included in your fee, to do the classes available each week too. I really enjoy these. I have another two stone to lose before April to get my higher target but I know it’s achievable with the encouragement of the staff at Woldsway to Health.

John | Member Review

This has been a real life changer. With the constant support of the Woldsway team I have achieved results in 12 weeks, that I never thought were possible. Not only have I lost weight and inches, I am fitter and have note energy. I am now doing classes which 12 weeks ago I would have genuinely said “I could never manage in a million years”. But the most important and last benefit of the program is how it has changed my behaviour and attitude to exercise for the future. I’m hungry for more. Thank you Woldsway!