Health Advice

Within the club, we endeavour to help our members in every aspect of health & fitness. Perhaps one of the most important features to achieving health & fitness is diet. One of our trainers is qualified in diet and weight management and her advice is available to all our members. Together we have prepared our own 6 week healthy eating programme providing detailed advice which aims to change the way people look at dieting. We would like our members to look at this programme more as a healthy eating plan that they will continue for the rest of their life. It is a re-education on eating habits. The programme is for 6 weeks and there are 3 plans to follow. A, B & C. You should follow Plan A for the first 2 weeks, Plan B for weeks 3 & 4 and finally Plan C for weeks 5 & 6. The plans are easy to follow and the team is on hand to advise all our members accordingly. This can include regular weighing and measuring if the members feel such assistance is an appropriate incentive for their programme.

Summer Fitness Plan

We have just launched our new ‘Summer Ready’ fitness plan which consists of two personal training sessions a week and attending one of many fitness classes. For more information call in and see us contact us here.

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